How Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Manages His Clients Money

Richard Blair is a registered financial advisor at his company in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions, Inc. He founded the company in order to help clients reach their financial goals, including retirement. He also helps those approaching retirement make the tough adjustment that most people have in transitioning from saving money to spending what they have saved. He is a graduate of the University of Houston and has a degree in finance.
After graduating with his degree in hand, Richard Blair entered the financial industry. He started in this industry in 1993 and created Wealth Solutions the very next year. He found that he wanted to establish his own independent firm where he had more autonomy over his decisions.
Blair helps people by providing services that are designed to help them grow their assets. He manages their accounts and protects their assets. He says that wealth management can be a daunting task for many people so by availing themselves of his knowledge and experience they will attain better results. He also seeks to educate his clients and sends out educational emails to his clients on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
The types of people that Richard Blair has as clients are affluent. His client base includes individuals as well as families and business owners. By offering them a wealth management solution he helps them to not only retain this wealth but also grow it through the appropriate and thoughtful management of the money. He also knows, though, that clients need to be in control of the financial decisions that are made. This is why he keeps communication open both ways at all times and seeks to educate his clients.
Because he runs Wealth Solutions as an independent firm, Richard Blair doesn’t have to meet any quotas imposed upon him by a manager. He also doesn’t have to sell proprietary products due to this. Instead, he can take the time to develop a strategy that is most appropriate for each client rather than just churning through clients in order to meet some arbitrary sales number.
When not at work, Blair likes to spend his time with his wife and their three children. The types of activities and hobbies he enjoys include exercising, golfing, and riding bikes. He also enjoys attending his children’s sporting events and taking the whole family on extended vacations. Learn more: