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Alexandre Gama As An Intellect

Alexandre Gama is a very uniqe and creative individual. He has worked in many creative fields and gained a ton of recognition and awards for his various works. Alexandre Gama graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Using his two degrees in advertising and communications, he opened up his own advertising firm called Neogama. After only being open for a single year, Gama succesfully won his company a Lion from the Cannes Festival. This was the first time ever that a company that young was able to receive such an award. Over the years, Neogama has won titles such as “Agency of The Year” and recieved two more Lions from the Cannes festival in 2003.

Aside from Neogama, Alexandre Gama has won many awards apart from his company. He has been called one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil in 2006, one of the top leaders, and even Agency Director of The Year. He has also recieved recognition for being one of the top three advertisers in his country and is well known for his rolling rock alcohol campaign.

Other than advertising and communications, Alexandre Gama has also tried his hand in the music and art industry. He created a music project called VIOLAB. This was a music project ment to target and showcase the very talented Brazilian artists for the world to see. It included a record label, a recording studio, and even its very own YouTube channel.

David McDonald, Director Of OSI International Foods Limited

Born and raised on a farm in northeast Iowa, David McDonald was a graduated from Iowa State University in 1998. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University he attended. Besides, he is a receiver of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior award.

David McDonald OSI Group was very much involved in exploiting resources to improve the lives of Iowa state residents. Consequently, he was a lively associate of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. In 2011, David with a group of students arranged a visit to OSI amenities situated in China. Later, a student who was in his company had been employed in the similar place at OSI with him.

When Mr.David McDonald graduated, he began his profession with OSI industries located in Chicago. For the time he has been in the company he has worked his way up to turn into President and Chief operating officer.

Mr. David McDonald has also served in diverse capacities, for example, he served as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. He has been Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. Mr. McDonald, also known as Dave, serves as Director of OSI International Foods Limited.

David McDonald says that OSI group partners with its clients on the products they require to grow their industries. While consumers of the product become more refined and demanding, there is necessitate producing what they want.

OSI Group engages equipment manufacturers frequently so as to increase processes that assist in food quality and safety. Some of the equipment includes machines with built-in-X-ray equipment that is capable of detecting foreign particles. Some devices also help in monitoring growth of products.

David McDonald the President of OSI Group also explains that they vigorously engage customers frequently. Such relations offer them a platform to share the solutions they require to provide and the areas that they want to pursue.

OSI group obtained Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer that focuses on foods, snacks and deli meats. Mr. David G. McDonald said introducing of Baho Food to their OSI Europe business gave OSI a better visibility in Europe. The company’s assortment of products and brands had complemented OSI’s current processing potential. Their competence to serve better the growing needs of their customers was also improved.

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Reaching out to Dr. Reddy

Why MB2 Dental is the Best Around

Are you looking for dental care from a clinic that you know will be able to serve you? If so, you should know that Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the best you’ll ever meet. By touching base with him, you will be able to get the help and service needed from a professional that can keep your teeth as clean as possible, while also offering years of dental experience that perfect your smile. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

According to Angel List, in order to learn more about both MB2 Dental and Dr. Reddy, read these advantages below to know exactly why going to his practice is worth your while.

#1: Dr. Reddy has a lot of experience and skill

It’s also important to realize and remember that skill and experience are the most important things you need to be aware of when you decide to choose a dentist.

This is essential, and Dr. Reddy delivers this in spades. His level of education, research and hands-on experience in the field speak volumes. In terms of education, Dr. Akhil Reddy received his degree from the University of the Pacific dental school. He’s also been a member on a few different boards and continuously has a presence in the community.

#2: MB2 Dental is a highly professional practice

It’s also important to know that the clinic as a whole is incredibly professional and that they have the technology that you need in order to get the Dental care you deserve.

It’s always important that you reach out to a dental practice that is on the cutting edge of technology and able to really make sure that you are giving the patients the best chance to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

#3: Visiting a dentist is essential for your health and well being

Not only is it a great thing to do in terms of your mental health and overall sense of self-esteem, but visiting a professional dentist allows you to ward off critical infections that can hamper your ability to take in nutrients regularly.

If you take advantage of these guidelines, you will be able to really understand exactly what a visit to Dr. Reddy can do for you.

His practice is one of the best around in the Irvine, Texas area, and the track record of many patients choosing him for the dental care reflect that. So take advantage of these three benefits by reaching out to Dr. Reddy for an appointment today.

Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva Does An Interview With Ideamensch And EPN

Ideamensch asked Chris Steven Villaneuva what is a book he recently read and he suggests the Ideamensch community check out? Dr. Villaneuva said that he highly recommends the book titled Start With Why, which is written by notable author and speaker Simon Sinek. The reason Villanueva suggests people check out the book is because it gives a sense of direction and motivation to people to try their best at work.


Start With Why focuses on why certain companies and individuals succeed and are innovative. It then lays out how you and your company can be just as successful as some of the world’s greatest. Dr. Chris Villaneuva says the book has helped everybody get on the same page at his company and it can help folks create a vision at their job.


Another question given to Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva was what is one software program that he uses and how it helps him in his business. Chris responded by saying that he uses a software program that he has nicknamed Jarvis. Is has been custom tweaked to make it more compatible and effective for his dental practice business model. The best thing about Jarvis says Chris, is that it helps himself and his team strategize how to improve the business based on data that the program records. Chris recommends that every company invest heavily in their IT infrastructure as it can play a major role in the effectiveness and ultimately profitability of the business.


Ideamensch also asked Dr. Villaneuva what is the best $100 that he has recently spent on. His answer was on some Nerf toy guns. Dr. Villaneuva says that the Nerf guns can really help to lighten the mood and reduce stress, especially after a long or hard day. Plus, Chris says he enjoys surprising someone coming down an elevator with a barrage of Nerf bullets.


In addition to being interviewed on Ideamensch, Dr. Villaneuva was a guest on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. There he discussed the future of dentistry and the founding of his business which is called MB2 Dental. You can check out the entire podcast interview here.


Some of the highlights of the interview include, what inspired Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva to create MB2 Dental. The interview also features how MB2 Dental has changed the dental practice business model by combining autonomy and partnership in one package. MB2 Dental’s ultimate goal says Dr. Villaneuva, is to improve patient care by letting the dentist focus on the medical aspects of the business. Other sides of the business such as marketing and billing are taken care through his company giving dentists the ability to expand and not worry about these tasks.


Hussain Sajwani’s Holistic Role In Society

During the 2013 Ramadan Holy month, Hussain Sajwani and his real estate company, Damac Properties, contributed AED two million to a movement aiming to provide clothes to less fortunate children around the globe. The campaign was under the initiation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who serves as the prime minister and vice president of United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai.

Hussain’s donation was sufficient to clothe more than 50,000 children with warm and decent attires. He stated that it is imperative to reach out to the younger generation and help them in creating a better future. Hussain explained that children are our only future. Damac engages in serial humanitarian endeavors under the governing of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, especially during the Holy month.

Hussain Sajwani’s role as CEO of Damac has enabled the completion of more than 10,000 properties since its inception in 2002. Damac is a Dubai-based real estate development and commercial firm that specializes in the establishment of residential, leisure and commercial structures.

Through the exceptional work of its contractors, designers, and management, Damac has additional regional offices in Qatar, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. In 2016, the world knew of the longstanding and formidable relationship between Damac Properties and the Trump Organization.

The two firms have set up world-class projects including sophisticated apartments and a golf course. During Trump’s New Year celebrations, he stated that his family and the Hussain Sajwani family have ties that are not only professional but personal.

Hussain Sajwani admires the Trump’s family culture of business and revealed that he is excited to make new real estate dealings with the organization.

The Damac owner was born in 1956 in Dubai and earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the Seattle institution, University of Washington. In 1981, he joined an Abu Dhabi National Oil firm to work as a contracts manager. In 1982, he started a catering enterprise that served US troops deployed in different areas around the globe.

Hussain established an investment firm in 1992 and later transitioned to real estate when he built four hotels in Deira. After setting up Damac in 2002, he acquired 40 percent of Al Ahlia Insurance firm. During the 2008 real estate plunge, Hussain redrafted his business strategy and soon recovered with the support of the company’s savings.

Hussain has many business contracts with interior designers, such as Versace, that collaborated with him to construct a tower in Lebanon. Hussain is an outgoing person who likes to eat out and enjoys frequenting the Salmontini restaurant.

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The Brian Bonar Triumphs

Brian Bonar of San Diego has had a long and successful career as a financial specialist and advisor on various projects as well as companies.

But before he was ever involved with the fiscal side of the operations, he was going to Standford University where he successfully coordinated groups of over 100 specialized engineers on projects that would go on to develop high-grade hardware to obtain his masters in Mechanical Engineering.

It was only after he had graduated that he began to consult a wide range of businesses. After college Bonar went on to work for IBM as a manager that procured outsourced motherboards for personal computers.

Once completed with his college courses, Bonar worked at QMS as the Director of Engineering only to leave after 4 years to pursue different work as an employee who created innovate business acquisition that later promoted him to the title of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Rastek Corporation.

After college Bonar went on to work for IBM as a manager that procured outsourced motherboards for personal computers. Years later, in September 1994, in with his creative and perfected use of mergers and acquisitions united with technical expertise as an engineer became the founder and CEO of a printing industry known as Bezier Systems.

However even owning a profitable printing empire was not enough for Bonar’s ambitions. As time passed Bonar began to coordinate and eventually work with multiple print manufacturers in Japan and Korea as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC technologies.

Even after 4 years of his life working for ITEC, Bonar was still setting higher and higher goals, so he founded yet another company known as AMS Outsourcing, which is currently located in San Diego, California. Not only is he the sole founder AMS, but also acts as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, another company he founded that deals with the experimental methods of advancing executive strategies and direct sales.

In the year 2011, Brian Bonar is now working Trucept, enterprises focused on bringing solutions to distinct companies by handling tasks such as managing payrolls and overseeing the human resources benefits for administration and employee alike.

According to Bloomberg, the ideal purpose behind the creation of Trucpet and Brian Bonar’s involvement is for small or starting businesses to hone in on the aspects of what make a successful business while Trucept takes care of the rest.

Anthony Petrello Helping Children

Anthony Petrello has had a great career in the world of high business finance. However, he also spends a lot of his time helping others. He is based out of Texas, and he spends a lot of time with a children’s hospital in the area. This is an area that he is patient about, and he knows that his financial acumen can help others get to the next level in a variety of ways.

If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is the type of person who you should be working with. Running a major company takes a huge amount of time out of his life. However, Anthony Petrello is always about helping others in any way that he can.

Follow Anthony Petrello on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Giving Back

Despite making millions of dollars per year, Anthony Petrello is always looking to give back to others. He also works hard so that he can have the resources to help other people in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of other people who he works with. This is a great example of the positive impact that one person can make on the world. Not only that, but he is also looking forward to helping as many people as possible in the coming years. Over time, Anthony Petrello has proven to care about the way in which customers interact with him. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this area.

Learn more about Tony Petrello: