Securus Technologies Increasing Quality of Life in Prisons

Inmate welfare has been a top concern for the company of Securus Technologies Inc for the past five years or so. The business has been directing efforts and resources towards the cause as they are working on several projects at once in order to up the quality of life in prisons across the United States of America.


Securus Technologies is a firm believer that incarceration should change people for the better instead of the other way around. The company believes that if the quality of life in prisons were higher, then inmates would feel more integrated towards society and they would be more valuable members of the community once they are released.


Inmate welfare, however, requires work on many fronts. Money is always an issue as funds are necessary to create resources for inmates to provide the means of education, entertainment, and communication. Medical care is also another large part of the process as it is still somewhat shaky in the United States.


Securus Technologies is a vast corporation with strong assets which has enabled it to action. The company dropped its rates for phone calls and video calls so that inmates stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside. Additionally, The corporation has been joining forces with several other businesses to come up with revolutionary products in the civil and criminal justice industry.


Most recently, Securus Technologies acquired the global JPay, Inc. Together they have created a new platform that combines payments digitally, provides communication, education, and entertainment all in the same place. The product was so well received in the industry that the two might collaborate on a project again the future.


Securus Technologies offers its service not only to the correction industry but to business owners as the company works in civil justice as well.



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