Jorge Moll Looks To Expand Upon The Success Achieved In Medical Technology

Jorge Moll is now ranked as the 13th richest man in Brazil and now one of the most important in the medical industry because of the leadership he is showing in bringing to the medical industry of the nation (LinkedIn). The founder and leader of the D’Or medical group have recently welcomed U.S.-based medical expert, Dr. Albert Chan of the U.S. medical giant, Sutter Health to South America to take advantage of the skills he has developed in bringing technology to the U.S. medical industry.


After training as a cardiologist, Jorge Moll became concerned about the state of the health market in Brazil as the decline of the healthcare industry and the level of care provided for patients became apparent to the healthcare executive. Jorge Moll has been at the forefront of bringing the latest technology and trends in the medical industry to his own D’Or health group which was responsible for opening one of the most effective and technologically advanced facilities in Rio de Janeiro; Moll believes the role of Rio in the Brazilian healthcare markets began to fall in the 1970s and 80s as the effective nature of the experts in the Brazilian capital began to fall.


The use of technology has been one of the leading aspects of the growth of D’Or under the leadership of CEO, Jorge Moll. The trained physician and entrepreneur believes the most success can be found in the healthcare industry with a growing level of technology used to provide access to files and treatment schedules for both medical staff and patients ( Technological advances will become increasingly important as Smartphones are used to link medical staff with their patients; unlike the idea of many who believe technology will build a wall between patient and physician, Jorge Moll believes the use of Google Glass technology will allow a more personal relationship to grow as the entire focus of the physician will remain on the patient at all times.