Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva Does An Interview With Ideamensch And EPN

Ideamensch asked Chris Steven Villaneuva what is a book he recently read and he suggests the Ideamensch community check out? Dr. Villaneuva said that he highly recommends the book titled Start With Why, which is written by notable author and speaker Simon Sinek. The reason Villanueva suggests people check out the book is because it gives a sense of direction and motivation to people to try their best at work.


Start With Why focuses on why certain companies and individuals succeed and are innovative. It then lays out how you and your company can be just as successful as some of the world’s greatest. Dr. Chris Villaneuva says the book has helped everybody get on the same page at his company and it can help folks create a vision at their job.


Another question given to Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva was what is one software program that he uses and how it helps him in his business. Chris responded by saying that he uses a software program that he has nicknamed Jarvis. Is has been custom tweaked to make it more compatible and effective for his dental practice business model. The best thing about Jarvis says Chris, is that it helps himself and his team strategize how to improve the business based on data that the program records. Chris recommends that every company invest heavily in their IT infrastructure as it can play a major role in the effectiveness and ultimately profitability of the business.


Ideamensch also asked Dr. Villaneuva what is the best $100 that he has recently spent on. His answer was on some Nerf toy guns. Dr. Villaneuva says that the Nerf guns can really help to lighten the mood and reduce stress, especially after a long or hard day. Plus, Chris says he enjoys surprising someone coming down an elevator with a barrage of Nerf bullets.


In addition to being interviewed on Ideamensch, Dr. Villaneuva was a guest on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. There he discussed the future of dentistry and the founding of his business which is called MB2 Dental. You can check out the entire podcast interview here.


Some of the highlights of the interview include, what inspired Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva to create MB2 Dental. The interview also features how MB2 Dental has changed the dental practice business model by combining autonomy and partnership in one package. MB2 Dental’s ultimate goal says Dr. Villaneuva, is to improve patient care by letting the dentist focus on the medical aspects of the business. Other sides of the business such as marketing and billing are taken care through his company giving dentists the ability to expand and not worry about these tasks.