The Brian Bonar Triumphs

Brian Bonar of San Diego has had a long and successful career as a financial specialist and advisor on various projects as well as companies.

But before he was ever involved with the fiscal side of the operations, he was going to Standford University where he successfully coordinated groups of over 100 specialized engineers on projects that would go on to develop high-grade hardware to obtain his masters in Mechanical Engineering.

It was only after he had graduated that he began to consult a wide range of businesses. After college Bonar went on to work for IBM as a manager that procured outsourced motherboards for personal computers.

Once completed with his college courses, Bonar worked at QMS as the Director of Engineering only to leave after 4 years to pursue different work as an employee who created innovate business acquisition that later promoted him to the title of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Rastek Corporation.

After college Bonar went on to work for IBM as a manager that procured outsourced motherboards for personal computers. Years later, in September 1994, in with his creative and perfected use of mergers and acquisitions united with technical expertise as an engineer became the founder and CEO of a printing industry known as Bezier Systems.

However even owning a profitable printing empire was not enough for Bonar’s ambitions. As time passed Bonar began to coordinate and eventually work with multiple print manufacturers in Japan and Korea as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC technologies.

Even after 4 years of his life working for ITEC, Bonar was still setting higher and higher goals, so he founded yet another company known as AMS Outsourcing, which is currently located in San Diego, California. Not only is he the sole founder AMS, but also acts as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, another company he founded that deals with the experimental methods of advancing executive strategies and direct sales.

In the year 2011, Brian Bonar is now working Trucept, enterprises focused on bringing solutions to distinct companies by handling tasks such as managing payrolls and overseeing the human resources benefits for administration and employee alike.

According to Bloomberg, the ideal purpose behind the creation of Trucpet and Brian Bonar’s involvement is for small or starting businesses to hone in on the aspects of what make a successful business while Trucept takes care of the rest.

Anthony Petrello Helping Children

Anthony Petrello has had a great career in the world of high business finance. However, he also spends a lot of his time helping others. He is based out of Texas, and he spends a lot of time with a children’s hospital in the area. This is an area that he is patient about, and he knows that his financial acumen can help others get to the next level in a variety of ways.

If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is the type of person who you should be working with. Running a major company takes a huge amount of time out of his life. However, Anthony Petrello is always about helping others in any way that he can.

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Giving Back

Despite making millions of dollars per year, Anthony Petrello is always looking to give back to others. He also works hard so that he can have the resources to help other people in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of other people who he works with. This is a great example of the positive impact that one person can make on the world. Not only that, but he is also looking forward to helping as many people as possible in the coming years. Over time, Anthony Petrello has proven to care about the way in which customers interact with him. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this area.

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